Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher Seward

Adam Seward began taking photos of the vast landscapes of his Cape Breton, Nova Scotia home at the age of 17. From there he graduated from NSCAD University in Halifax with a Major in Photography. He has developed a keen interest in capturing a way of seeing nature through texture and ambient light. Adam is also a musician. Rather than create work from two distinct platforms, his audio and visual pursuits mutually influence each other. He allows his aptitude for music to harmonize with his early photography. 
in 2010 Adam translated his visual expression into film, marrying his love for movement in music and movement on screen. After a few years his music video direction became his focus which has landed him acclaim with Rolling Stone, NME, Vice, Nylon and many others. Adam has worked on various commercials, Social media campaigns, Music videos, Web series and Short films to date. 
Adam shares a multidisciplinary focus as Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Colourist. For enquires please contact :

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